Upgrading oneworld Alert Options

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    Good news for travelers searching for awards on oneworld airlines: The Wandering Aramean Travel Tools oneworld alert system now offers multiple sources for such searches. Enter your search parameters once and the system will research two different airline systems to identify potential award seats. Given that the online availability from each program varies it is my hope that this upgrade will help ensure that you get the seats you’re looking for, especially if one of the sites is misbehaving.


    The new search results are also now in an upgraded UI, offering a mobile-friendly view of what’s available and new filters as well. On the results page there are toggle buttons to hide connections or classes of service.

    Use the buttons to filter search results

    Of course, there is a catch when it comes to improvements like this one. And in this case the catch is that access to the additional alert resources is not free. If you want to get the additional alert information it’ll cost you $2.99/month as part of the First Class upgrade on the site. That’s a bargain price and running all these searches does consume a certain amount of resources which have to be paid for.

    In the coming weeks I hope to update the UI of the other search alerts to use this new version with the extra features. But that’s secondary to adding new features like this extra search resource.

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