Upgraded w/ miles+cash at gate -- does it change booking code / miles earning?

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    Hey guys, on a recent trip from DFW-PEK (AA 89), I opted to use 25,000 AA miles + $350 at the gate to upgrade from economy (O) to J. It was on their new 787, and the flight was pleasant & well worth it.

    Now post-flight, I'm curious to find out if this upgrade will change my booking code / miles earned?

    I'm plat with AA, and the main reason for the question is to find out if I will be eligible for their additional bonus miles offer (at least for this segment). Thanks!
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    Glad to hear you enjoyed the 787. It's a great bird and I would definitely pay $350 and the miles to upgrade on that long of a flight. Mileage upgrades generally do not change your class of service for mileage earning. Once in a while you'll get lucky when it posts incorrectly. But, I wouldn't expect it.
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