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    A few weeks ago we updated the plain text or "non-rich text editor". This was done before On Point existed so we are going to give it another plug here in On Point to make sure it isn't missed by any interested in it. The change includes the addition of buttons above the text entry field for BB Code tagging, here is an example of what it looks like:


    This functionality should be useful to users do not like using the rich text editor and/or prefer using a more traditional text area that is common on older forum software as well as users that want to limit the amount load on pages as much as possible, but still want to have some buttons to make their BB Code easy to use.

    In order to enable using this as your default editor go into your preferences under your user name in the upper right, uncheck the box next to "Use the rich text editor to create and edit messages" and save.

    In order to use this for a single post when still using the rich text editor as your default click the symbol that looks like two A's next to each other:

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