Updating Mileage Plus number on Chase Mileage Plus Explorer card

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    I recently received an email offer for the 50,000 mile initial sign-up bonus for the Chase United Mileage Plus Explorer card. The interesting part of the offer was that it said to apply by February 29th. I knew that was only a couple days before the 3/3 integration between UA and CO's computer systems, and I knew I would be getting a new Mileage Plus number around that date, but I didn't want to miss the bonus, so I applied for the card on 2/29. I received the card in the mail today, and when I called to activate it, I asked them to verify my MP number linked to the account. It was still my old number, but since by now I have my new number, I asked them to link that number to the account instead.

    The guy on the phone said I was the first person he's talked to who has mentioned this (old number/new number), and I thought that was interesting. I didn't want to receive my sign-up bonus miles in 6-8 weeks, and have the old number be invalid, and have an issue with the miles posting. Has anyone else thought about this or dealt with this? I don't think there are any negatives to what I did, but the fact that he said I'm the first one is making me second guess myself!
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    It shouldn't make a difference. United has said on their webpage that anything that is posted using your old United MP # will be "linked" to your new United MP account. I'm sure that, given the close relationship United has with Chase, that their systems will be automatically (if they haven't already) to post naturally to your new account.

    I can't see them removing the "mapping" anytime soon -- Marriott's website won't even let me put an alpha-numeric number under "United" -- I have to keep it as "Continental".

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