Update on Upgraded International Long-haul United Economy Dining

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    Hi everyone,

    We first mentioned in our announcement last year that we would be introducing enhancements in 2015 to our international long-haul United Economy dining experience. With our revamped offering around the corner from a June 1 introduction, I’d like to share with you some of the details of our new service on trans-Atlantic flights; trans-Pacific flights between the U.S. and Australia, China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan; and flights between the United States and Argentina, Brazil, and Chile.

    New Multi-Course Meal Service
    • The primary complimentary economy meal will begin with a beverage service and snack of cheese and crackers, baked whole-grain bruschetta chips, or Kiri cheese spread and crackers—whichever is offered on the flight
    • The main course will include new entrees, refreshed salads, and artisan breads. Here are some examples of our new main course offerings:
      • Home-style turkey meatloaf in spicy barbecue sauce, served with sweet-potato mash, mixed vegetables, an artisan ciabatta roll and amaranth mango salad
      • Tuscan ravioli with roasted red-pepper sauce, served with a petit artisan ciabatta roll and mixed-grain salad
      • Udon noodles with stir-fried vegetables and ginger soya sauce, served with a petit multigrain baguette roll and apple wheatberry salad
    • A premium dessert such as gelato, sorbet, ice cream, or mousse will conclude the main meal service

    Complimentary Beer and Wine and Expanded Availability of Half Bottles of Premium Wine
    • You read that correctly—in all long-haul international markets receiving the multi-course United Economy meal service, we will offer beer and wine at no charge throughout the flight
    • Each customer will also receive a complimentary bottle of water
    • Half-bottle premium wines and spirits will be available for purchase

    Choice Menu Snack Shop Expansion
    • We're introducing a new option to purchase Choice Menu Snack Shop snacks and snackboxes throughout the flight in lieu of a limited complimentary midflight snack offering that was only available on select flights

    Complimentary Pre-Arrival Service
    • Depending on the market flown, customers may receive a croissant with jam, a warmed sandwich, or a hot meal served with fruit and a roll. Markets that offer complimentary pre-arrival hot meals today will continue to receive them after June 1
    • New entrees will also be introduced where we provide a hot pre-arrival meal, such as cinnamon-swirl French toast or a Tuscan skillet with scrambled eggs

    We look forward to hearing your feedback on our new United Economy dining experience, and you may refer to our news release for additional details. The United Economy dining and premium wine pages on united.com will be updated in late May to reflect these enhanced dining options.

    UA Insider

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    @UA Insider, thank you for this wonderful news.

    Praises be to the d.r.S.L. for the bountiful beer and wine!!!
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    I feel like the FAs are really going to hate going up and down the aisles 4 times for the main meal service (starter, main, dessert, cleanup).

    ETA: Also, #foodpic #cleaneating
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    Thank you for sharing the good news.
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    And thank DL for implementing this first
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    This is good news. It would be great if it were not the only good UA news for ages. I'll let you know how this tastes when I actually eat it onboard.

    @UAInsider: Start benchmarking those EK and EY and QR menus because when OPEN SKIES comes, that's the bar that needs to be met. Their lamb curry is good, BTW, and their selection of complimentary liquors on sectors like AUH-SIN is surprisingly comprehensive. Even the IFE on the 333 is good.

    One point: it will be essential to ensure that customers understand the difference between "long-haul international markets receiving the multi-course United Economy meal service" and all other services they book, so that people's expectations are correctly adjusted.

    For example I am sure those LHIMRMCUEMS services don't include HNL to GUM even though that's a longer flight than EWR-western EU, landing at a customs-inspection mandated facility....
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    An enhancement that really is an improvement. HT to United.
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    I thought the bad new from UA will not stop. But wow, there is good news. Lets see how that will look practically.

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