Unusual hotel stays around the world

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    A hotel for train enthusiasts, sleeps in a grounded jumbo jet in Sweden, or on a boat floating along the Venetian canal are among some of the accommodations pitched as destinations worth the journey in and of themselves.

    In its list of unique sleeping experiences Hotels.com singled out properties around the world which the site deems to be as memorable as the trip itself.

    Featherbed Railroad Company, in Nice, California, for instance, was named for indulging boyish, childhood dreams. Guests have the choice between nine railway cabooses with themes that range from the Orient Express, the Wild Wild West, and Casablanca.

    Jumbo Stay in Sweden also indulges traveler’s fantasies of joining the mile-high club with all the accoutrements of a plane, but on terra firma.

    Preserved in its vintage 1970s state, guests stay in one of 25 rooms -- one of which includes the cockpit.

    Sarah Cruise also offers couples the chance to spend the night on the Venetian canal, while Capsule Hotel and Sauna Cosmo Plaza Akabane in Tokyo offers guests an authentic Japanese experience.
    Often used by busy Japanese commuters who need a place to crash overnight, travelers crawl into the futuristic, pod-like capsules, not unlike those seen in the Bruce Willis film “The Fifth Element” on an intergalactic cruise ship.

    Here are other hotel destinations singled out by Hotels.com:

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