Unlucky passengers on KA487/CX511/CX467 on April 21 2011

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    According to The Sun Daily, KA487 was scheduled to depart at 11am but the flight returned to the gate due to technical problems. After 30 min they still couldn't figure out what's wrong and they asked the ~30 passengers to deplane...They transferred the passengers to fly on CX511 scheduled to depart at 1:15pm but before takeoff, captain announced there were some technical problems and returned to the gate. 10 minutes later, they announced they have found the problem and will be fixed in 15 min. But at the end, they couldn't solve the problem and once again passengers were asked to deplane...

    At the end, Mr. M (the reader who reported the problem) has to take CX467 which was scheduled to depart at 3:25pm but the flight was delayed till 4:30pm and finally arrived HKG at 6PM. He asked the FA if he can have a cup noodle or something since he hasn't eaten anything but they only serve bread on that flight...

    CX did not offer to compensate him proactively. When the newspaper contacted CX, they said Mr M can contact them to discuss compensation

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