Unloading $300 in AA GC's

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    If there were a decent (read: not new and preferably active) user of MP that might be interested in taking these off my hands at a 10% discount ($300 for $270), I would be willing to accept PM's to discuss it.

    I was planning a Vegas trip and bought these in anticipation of that trip, and and we're likely to scrap it now and put more time on our SFO trip for which we already have flight plans, and would prefer to put the cash to better use than gathering dust until I find an AA flight worth our time.

    (I read the T&C of Milepoint to make sure posting an offer like this wasn't against it, and didn't see anything, so I apologize in advance if I missed something and this type of post is frowned upon)

    EDIT - These are now spoken for.
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    PM sent. :)

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