Universal Orlando Announces New 3-D Ride

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    Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando Resort.
    Universal Orlando Resort unveiled plans last week for a new 3-D attraction based on one of my favorite animated films, Despicable Me.
    With that said, if you got a kick out of the movie like I did, you’re in for a treat. This digital adventure, set to open sometime in 2012, will have an all-new story line that builds upon the movie’s original, fun-loving story.
    As guests hop on the ride, they’ll be transformed into Tic-Tac-shaped, bright yellow minions, after going through training camp first, of course. Minions, by the way, are the scene-stealing, jibber-jabbering helpers of Gru, the lovable supervillian and main character. An eight-passenger vehicle will then guide audience members through Gru’s lair and into his secret lab. At the ride’s finale, characters will encourage guests to bust out their best moves as a dance party ensues.
    Sounds like good times to me; I plan on being one of the first in line at Universal Studios when it opens. And I can’t wait for another dose of despicableness when the movie’s sequel comes out in 2013. The Despicable Me attraction will replace Jimmy Neutron’s Nicktoon Blast simulator, scheduled to close in August.
    Also announced this week: Universal Orlando will upgrade The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman ride with new animation in 4K high definition. Yep, that means Spiderman will be shut down for a brief period. Dates will be announced later.

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