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    I am sure someone here will know more details about this program than I can get online.
    Specifically, I have family who has a ton of PerkPlus points. If you are not familiar with PerksPlus, is it a corporate mileage account that accrues points purely based on dolar spent on UA and LH. (1 point per dolar for regular fares, up to 4 points/dolar on full and first class fares)

    The points can be redeemed for many things, including travel, RCC memberships, Premier Exec Status, and SWUs, both on UA and LH.

    The big difference between these points and regular miles, is that the travel certificates earned turn into revenue fares that accrue RDMs and EQMs. So they are different than award tkts. On a recent EZE trip, the one person in our party who used the certificates for a J redemption not only earned RDMs and EQMs, but she also used miles from her personal MP account to upgrade from J to F on the return, with no co-pay. Awesome.

    These rewards are also NOT capacity controlled. Basically, if there is an empty seat, it's yours.

    Because of this, I am wondering if the SWUs listed on the PerksPlus website are of a different kind than the SWUs earned as a 1K. They are listed as UA/LH Confirmed Systemwide Upgrade

    Reward Table
    RewardPerksPlus Points
    UA/LH Award Travel Certificate40,000
    UA/LH Confirmed Systemwide Upgrade50,000
    UA Confirmed Regional Upgrade10,000
    Mileage Plus Premier Membership50,000
    Mileage Plus Premier Exec. Membership150,000
    Red Carpet Club Annual Membership20,000
    Ten Red Carpet Club One-Time Passes20,000

    Does anyone know if these SWUs will still require certain fare classes, and will they be capacity controlled, neither, or both?

    I got a couple of RT domestic tkts as a xmas gift, but have not redeemed them. I am thinking I am going to ask instead for SWUs.

    For curiosity, here is the awards chart for this program:

    Award Travel Certificates**
    Region of TravelFirstBus.Econ.
    US Domestic

    Between lower 48 US states and Alaska, Canada, Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico

    Between North or South America and Europe, North Africa, Central Africa, India

    Between North America and South America

    Between North or South America and Asia-Pacific

    Between Europe and North Africa, Central Africa, South Africa

    Between Europe and Middle East

    Between Europe and Asia
    Between North or South America and Middle East, South Africa, Asia-Atlantic13107
    **The number of Travel Certificates required for travel within a certain region is based on each award travel certificate being valued at 40,000 PerksPlus points. (Example: A First Class US domestic roundtrip requires 80,000 points.)

    Program website linky

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