United lost my res between evening June 1 and today June 3

Discussion in 'United Airlines | MileagePlus' started by redwoman, Jun 3, 2012.

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    i tried to check for a better seat today on my August reservation, and I got an error message that the reservation couldn't be found.

    I can see it in "Current Reservations" when I look at my account online, but the only thing i can do with it is to look at the receipt. I get an error stating that there is no data when I try to look at seats or view the itin.

    On FT there are a few complaints of this in a thread started yesterday June 2. I'm on hold with the 1K (or what I think is the 1K desk) line now while the agent checks with someone else.

    She just came back to say that their systems are down, and nobody can look at any flights or make bookings. I don't think so, since I can view my brother's reservation just fine. I can also do a dummy booking of my lost itin and see that our seats are unavailable.

    I guess i will call back and speak to someone else. It is unacceptable that callers are not told the truth and we have to play this game.
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    Sorry that happened to you. I know that dealing with this is not a lot of fun.

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