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Discussion in 'United Airlines | MileagePlus' started by Zomby Woof, Jul 4, 2015.

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    I've been flying to MCO frequently for work via IAH. United has a very optimistic departure time for the afternoon flight. 1267 is supposed to depart at 2:34pm but the incoming flight, 1548, isn't scheduled to arrive until 2:05pm. Of course 1267 never departs on time. I've attached a couple of tiff files showing 1548 arriving 5 minutes early while 1267 is departing 26 minutes late due to late arrival of inbound aircraft.

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    This is a common and ongoing issue with United ops, and it is especially bad for United Express where the express carrier is managing their own ops (a la ExpressJet). Rather than show a delay and then retract it, they don't issue the delay until they're 100% sure it will exist. It's an ops philosophy that, I believe, is trying to take into account options to swap aircraft, making up time in flight, and other methods to reduce or eliminate a potential delay. While I understand where the company is coming from there, the implementation does often suck for passengers. However, the company has provided the ability to find out the status of your inbound aircraft which is incredibly handy as you've noted. Whether or not that capability was introduced as a mitigation for the issues caused by their ops philosophy is up for debate, I suppose.
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    Also consider the generally the company doesn't plan it as a 29 minute turn. It is more likely an aircraft swap based on other operational issues throughout the system that day. So the delays trickle down to situations like this.

    As for 1267 never departing on time, that specific flight number on that route was delayed arriving 6/12 times in the past 2 months, 2 of which were 15-29 minutes and 4 of which were 45+. For the flights departing around that general time (because UA changes flight numbers so much), the numbers are:
    58 - Flights
    7 - 15-29 delay
    2 - 30-44 delay
    12 - 45+ delay
    1 - Cancel

    A 35%+ delay/cancel rate on a route/time is pretty shitty, to be sure.
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