United Flight Deals Not So Much A Deal After All

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    I was checking airfare from AUS to HNL and IAH to HNL about a week ago for business travel (21 day advanced purchase). The flights were costing $1100.00 roundtrip (not unusual) I received an email last night from United for Hawaii Flight Sales. They were offering one way flights for the above cities for $569.00 each way or $1138.00 round trip. Not much of a savings. These so called savings included 14 day purchase and ends October 18.
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    I find that sometimes it is just a few dollars off or perhaps the restrictions on the tickets have changed. One word that I really had retailers to use is "deals" I find this a sleazy term, it reminds me of the "old days" when car sellers would offer you a "deal" in their shiny suits with their hair all "slicked" up. I think a much better term is the word "offers" the word "deals" raises my eyebrows and the first thing I think about is what is the "gimmick". Guess this is a bit off the subject, but if you want to contact me regarding this post, boy, do I have a "deal" for you.:D
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