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    I'm interested in booking SFO-YYZ in August in F on UA. On the Aeroplan website, this shows it costs 60k miles. I could have sworn that I had read somewhere that domestic first class on United (or CO or US) in a 2-class airplane counts as a business class award (40k miles). Did I just make that up, or is it true? Will I have to call Aeroplan to book?

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    You are correct, it should only be 40k miles. Have you tried clicking through to the payment screen, I recall reading that it sometimes corrects itself there.

    If that doesn't happen you have a couple of options.
    1. Book it online at 60k miles then call Aeroplan and have them adjust it downwards.
    2. Book it with an agent and then fight with them to try and have the booking fee waived.
    3. Call an agent, explain to them what is happening. They may suggest that you book it online with them and then give them the PNR after you have paid and then they will adjust it.

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