United Airlines Suffered A Bad PR Week

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    There always seems to be no shortage of news stories on how airlines screw up something, but this week United showed us just how bad airline PR can be. I noted this back during the Ebola outbreak, but it seems that United has a complete inability to get out in front of news stories that hurt their brand (which is hard to do given the fact that AirfareWatchdog just rated them the worst U.S. airline, a title they have held for the past couple of years. The story I think really demonstrates how an airline can shoot itself in the foot is their lawsuit against a 22-year-old entrepreneur who helps people find lower fares. The lawsuit is in conjunction with Orbitz. Seriously think about this, the same industry that does whatever it can to cut its prices, often times at the expense of passenger comfort, are suing a 22 year old because he’s helping travelers make flying more affordable? The idea that an airline would sue over this is absurd, and it only demonstrates the airline industry’s predisposition to believing it has the monopoly on being cheap. That story certainly takes the cake for United’s PR disaster, but then United [...]
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