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    I have booked a flight RNO-LAX and later ORD-YYZ then YYZ-SFO then SFO-RNO for $650.
    I called United to remove the RNO-LAX leg as I had to book an earlier flight with Southwest to meet a train departure.
    To remove the RNO-LAX they required a $150 change fee another $50 for another fee and an update to the current fee pricing so I need to pay $550 extra to surrender my ticket for the first leg.
    I am not changing any other date, time or flight.
    United gets to sell the seat again and pocket $550.
    My United Gold status is of no benefit.
    I called Expedia as the booking agent and they tried but there appears to be a rigid United company policy
    The charge is unjust and I will not let it rest until there is some policy change.
    Have others experienced this abuse and I would appreciate suggestions on how to bring the injustice to someone in authority at United so I can improve their customer service as I feel a compelling need to use other airlines so not as to reward bad behaviour.
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    This isn't an abuse of any kinds. This is a change in your ticket and some tickets are priced different when there are different origins, destinations, dates, times, layovers, etc. When you purchased the ticket they informed you of the fact the ticket had change fees. I doubt you'll get anywhere with UA or anywhere because it is not an injustice, it's a fee that you were informed about. You may not have thought it would apply to you but it does. I've been hit with this kind of thing before with Delta and last year I spent over $500 on change fees with them, it's part of the game.

    If you don't want to deal with change fees I recommend trying Southwest, unfortunately though they only fly within the US but I see them expanding to Canada in the future.

    Alternatively in the future you may want to consider buying mor expensive flexible fares. I'm unsure which fare bucket works on United but I know that on Porter you'd want a Freedom Fare.

    In the end though if you only have to do this once in a blue moon it's still cheaper to pay these fees than to consistently buy flexible fares.
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