United 787 Trip Report

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    November 4th, 2012. It's a day just like any other but today was a little bit different. Today was the inaugural flight of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The plane, known for its fuel efficiency, technology, and beauty was starting to fly after months of delays. United Airlines was to be the first North American carrier to fly the 787. Today, it delivered and boy did it do a damn good job.
    United 787 on its first revenue flight!

    United flew its first 787 from Houston to Chicago today and the flight landed to a water cannon salute at Chicago ORD. I was there to experience all of this because I scheduled myself to be on 2 segments. (Chicago-Houston & Houston to Los Angeles)
    Water Cannon Salute

    After the plane got to the gate, the passengers received a warm round of applause while walking out. Of the passengers, the CEO of United Airlines and fellow blogger Mommy Points were onboard. The celebration turned into an impromptu press conference at the gate. I was able to meet some pretty cool people including the CEO & Thomas Lee
    CEO of United Airlines, Jeff Smisek & The Bengali Miles Guru

    Thomas Lee, the man who flew the first 747, A380 & 787

    After the festivities, it was time to board! I was the first passenger through the gates and onto the plane. I was able to snap some shots of the layout of the plane. The 787 is a 2 cabin plane configured with Economy, Economy Plus and Lie-Flat BusinessFirst Seats.
    More here: http://milevalue.com/united-airlines-787-trip-report/
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