UNESCO 2014 World Heritage Inscriptions

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    Congratulations to the 26 new inscriptions on the UNESCO World Heritage Site List. The collection this year was agreed upon late last month at the group’s annual meeting. And, like always, the list includes a wide variety of locations. From the Silk Road to the birth of the Ottoman Empire and even a nod to a winery region in Italy, most any traveler can find something on the list which attracts them. Interestingly, the addition of Piedmont is at least the second wine region on the list; the other I’m aware of is the Lavaux Wine Terraces in Switzerland which I found to be a spectacular visit a couple years ago.

    Old Mekkah, one of the newly inscribed sites, via Flickr

    And, because I can, the new sites have also been added to the list at my World Heritage Site visit tracking tool. I cannot add any of these to my visit list yet, but I think there’s a decent chance some will be on it soon. I’m a bit disappointed that I was so close to the one in Gujarat last month and didn’t get over to visit, but that’s what a work trip will do, I suppose.

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