Ultra Long-Haul Review: Flying with EVA Air

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    I fly a lot, I enjoy it for the most part and instead of dreading long-haul flights I actually look forward to them. I tend to prefer longer flights because I can get more done. I can get a good night’s rest (hopefully), I can watch a movie, read a book, get some writing finished and so on. This isn’t possible on a shorter 6-hour flight. But not all long-haul carriers are made the same sadly, especially when it comes to economy class seating. I recently had the chance to fly what was a new airline for me, Taiwan based EVA Air and wanted to share my thoughts on this sometimes forgotten airline.

    Comfort/Service – As a Star Alliance Gold member, I was able to check out their lounge before boarding the aircraft at JFK in New York. Since they don’t have a large presence in New York, they share a lounge with Japan Airlines (JAL), something they should perhaps reconsider. For an airline that only flies long haul out of JFK, the lounge was very small and deficient on a lot of amenities I’ve come to expect. The food offerings were practically nonexistent, just a few snacks really with no option of bringing in something else to eat. The lounge also lacked a shower facility or any way to refresh before a very long flight. Overall, I wasn’t impressed by the lounge and EVA should really think about partnering with another Star Alliance member at JFK.

    The plane I flew on both times was a 777-300ER, coincidentally my favorite aircraft. Walking through the business class section is always hard when I’m not booked in that section, but from what I could tell it’s a very strong product. Lie-flat seats and plenty of room to relax compliment what is sure to be amazing service. Even the Premium Economy looked decent, lots of legroom and extra amenities for the passengers. The coach class cabin was exactly as I expected though, no surprises to be had there. Well, that’s not true, the service surprised me and not in a good way.

    Other long-haul carriers give their economy passengers a small amenity kit. Nothing big, usually just containing earplugs and an eye shade, but it’s a nice perk and an acknowledgement that you’re about to go on a very long flight. My flight to Taipei was nearly 16 hours long, that’s a long time to spend up in the air and yet there was nothing sitting in my seat to help make that trip more comfortable. I was disappointed.

    That disappointment progressed throughout the flight; the service in economy just wasn’t good. Flight attendants did not offer water to us often enough, which is a health issue in my opinion, and instead could be seen fawning over higher classes of service. That’s fine, they paid more, but you can’t just ignore the well being of your customers in coach either. No one was rude to me and whenever I asked for something it was given, but the fact is most of the time I shouldn’t have had to ask.

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