Ultimaterewards shopping mall not loading.

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Miles/Points' started by 2soonold, Jun 18, 2012.

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    Roseanne Roseannedanna might have said, "It just goes to show you, it's always something." :)

    I could have posted this in the Credit Cards section; but it really has just as much to do with miles/points.
    When I got my Chase Sapphire card, I finally got interested in Ultimaterewards. Oddly, everything seems ok at Ultimaterewards except that the shopping mall won't appear on my computer. The UR site recognizes my Sapphire and my old Freedom, but won't load the shopping mall for either card. I contacted Chase and they were interested. They spent some quality IT time with me(and that was challenging because I am not IT savvy), and we tried the usual suspects(popup blocker on/off, try a different browers, etc...). Now, I think my case has been taken under perma-advisement.;)
    The people at Chase take customer service seriously; but was is the value of excellent customer service that doesn't result in a solution for a problem?
    This little problem is really a very minor annoyance, and really won't change my relationship with Chase. Still, I keep thinking that there must be some reason that Chase even has a shopping mall, at all. Not being able to use the UR shopping mall, I can still use my Sapphire at other malls; although, for example, it is unlikely that I would use my Chase card over my Citi card at the AA shopping mall.
    So, I finally get around to posting about it on a public forum. If it is happening to me, maybe it is happening to other Milepointers.
    It happens.;)

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