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Discussion in 'Travel Technology' started by manfromkrypton, Feb 10, 2011.

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    I am heading to the UK next week for about a month. I currently have the t-mobile g2, and it is unlocked (i tested with an ATT sim card). When I am in the UK, I dont want to pay data roaming. I was thinking of getting a local SIM card with prepaid minutes and data. I can easily find the pre-paid SIM for voice plans, but am having trouble finding one with data.

    Thoughts from folks on here? Any recommendations?
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  2. O2 has some good deals in the UK.
    On my last trip I got a microsim for my Iphone 4 and for 30 pounds it gave me unlimited data for the month.
    But then Vodafone will have a similar deal.
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    I dodn't find any unlimited data on Vodafone (at least prepaid).

    You can get 500MB when topping off your account with 10GBP - see Vodafone Freebies. The SIM card itself is free.

    Also you can get an internet dongle with 2GB for 30 days, but I am not sure that SIM card works in mobile phones, and even if it does, you will not be able to place calls.
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    If it's a regular SIM, and you're planning on staying within cities rather than the middle of nowhere, my first choice would be 3. Otherwise, Vodafone or Orange.

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