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    Big fan of Uber, but I've only used it in the US. I am landing at LHR next Sunday at approximately 10:00 p.m. Based on my research, public transportation options are limited late Sunday nights, and start to discontinue between 11:00 and midnight, and I'm assuming I won't get out of customs and have claimed my baggage until around 11:00 p.m. Thus, I'm hoping to use Uber. Has anyone had any success with Uber without cellular service and using wifi only? My previous experience with Uber is that the driver often has to call to pinpoint my exact location, especially at an airport.
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    Yes, do-able at the airport with just Wifi. Keep your phone on (but no data roaming) connected to the foreign network so it's easier for Uber to triangulate your position using cell towers. You won't get charged for this.

    You might need to slightly adjust the position of the "pin" in the Uber app, make sure you know your exact position at the airport for pick up.

    I did this at TPE as the lineup for a prepaid data card was too long, no problems. Driver might or might not call your registered number to ask for a precise position.
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