UA teams up with its partners BAA and UK Border Force to make a NY- LHR trip one painful hell

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    So you want to go to London? Would imagine most of those on a recent 10+ hour all-in oddyssey had major buyers remorse:
    First the obligatory hour boarding
    Passengers jammed in tighter than the Japan metro.
    The obligatory gate and taxi delay
    The SLOW almost 8 hour flight
    The 20 minutes of circling before landing
    The huge wait to gate and then to open door
    Giant lines to slowly disembark because
    Buses were required to take people from the stand to terminal
    (Some very unhappy Bipolaris pax at that)
    Then a 45 minute wait of exhausted people at immigration
    Then a 30 minute or so wait to fetch bags.
    The thought thaf this gutter industry can provide such a pathetic experience and still try to hustle seats, wifi, bags and other upsells is nauseating.
    And yes corrupted governments allow people to bribe their way through security rather than fixing the overall ordeal.
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