UA (Star Gold) flying Eva - Seat question

Discussion in 'Star Alliance' started by dhammer53, Jul 19, 2014.

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    We're flying HKG/x/EWR. I'm going to book award tickets in coach.

    When I checked out the EVA 777 seat map on Seatguru, I noticed they have economy and elite seating. As Star Gold, will I be booked into the elite seating area? The pitch is 38" vs 33" in economy.

    FYI, UA on the 777 offers 34", that's why I'd fly Eva if the 38" elite seat is available.
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    I don't think Star Gold will have anything to do with getting you out of regular economy. Just flew Eva last week in business; they were great. Can't speak for the back of the bus.
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    I fly eva all the time and your not booking economy plus on UA. Eva has a completely different product and you pay for it! It is a great product and shouldn't be confused with eco-plus. Im 6'4, 250 and very comfy in Eva ELITE class. As a gold, they might upgrade you if oversold etc, but never count on a change in class of service internationally without paying for the next cabin. The seats are wider and the pitch is a lot better than it reads....great product for those of us who don't get business class company seats. sometimes the fare difference is only a few hundred bucks. I realize you are using awards but thought extra info might help others.
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    My understanding was that *G never gets you any elite/preferred seating on other airlines other than your carrier's FFP.

    Flew SQ on UA *G and had to pay for preferred seating.

    My OW Sapphire, on the other hand, gave me elite/preferred seating on other OW airlines.

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