UA: PHX - SJU. $219 r/t ai. 2.9CPM

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    Valid til November 15th
    Limited avail
    0 day turn (redeye to EWR) -- oct 2nd - 3rd.
    2.9CPM via EWR

    higher CPM via IAD etc.
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    I'm doing a run to SJU from PHX next week on Delta and can add the following info:
    1) There is a wide discrepancy among whats displayed on ITA, the online travel agencies and DELTA.COM.
    I tried to take advantage of this through the Delta best rate guarantee but could not convince any of their agents. Even when the pricing discrepancy persisted for days they supposedly could not duplicate but eventually threw a $25 voucher my way when I sent in some screenshots.
    2) In some cases DELTA.COM would initially display one price but on the very last step of checkout the price would increase with a message that the original fare was no longer available. On investigation it looks like this was because a segment would get kicked up to a higher fare class - T to L for example - but this was not happening with the same itinerary quoted on Orbitz or Travelocity. Technically this is probably a violation of this year's new regulations regarding accurately displayed airfare quotes. However, I will not file a complaint because I'm more than happy with the lax routing rules on the way to SJU.
    3) Said generous routing rules permit a transcontinental from such cities as Phoenix or Palm Springs. PHX/LAX/JFK/SJU and PSP/SFO/JFK/SJU are possible on a one way. For roughly $150 - $170 (and 3 to 4 cents a mile). With stopovers permitted.
    4) In some cases the routings to SJU on DELTA.COM that involve transcontinentals offer a P fare first class for roughly $450 one way. This is far cheaper than what the fare would be on such single Delta transcontinentals booked individually which are often elite heavy (particularly LAX/JFK) and tough upgrades.
    5) As Delta IT has trouble interpreting the routing rules on a cheap fare to the Caribbean perhaps there is potential here for an interesting FD 1x or OJ involving SkyTeam. Making lemonade out of lemons so to speak.
    6) If you need to stay in San Juan one option I haven't seen mentioned anywhere is the Quality Inn which is a 6K Choice Privileges points redemption, which is probably about half of its cash price depending on how you acquire the points. The Radisson San Juan is expensive on points but has periodic flash sales and allows you to be waitlisted for a Club room upgrade for $6.
    7) Last year the most lucrative mileage runs on Delta seemed to run through Pittsburgh, this year its Puerto Rico.
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    IS UA still showing available?
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