UA:LAS-CMH/IND/PIT etc mid west non-hub cities $125 o/w $250 r/t

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    Found on ita and bookable on until the early 2013.
    It is possible to do one day back with a redeye flight.
    Works for many mid west cities (STL MKE DTW CMH IND PIT DAY etc) but not hubs (e.g. ORD CLE CVG does not work)
    Can route through almost all *A hubs but EWR.

    e.g. CMH-IAD-SFO-LAS-SFO-IAD-CMH 6264 miles (6838 w/ 500 min) @ $252.60 = 3.7 cpm

    Not the best in the world, but is nice for people in the region.
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