"UA Express" vs. "Republic Air"

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    Over the Christmas holiday I flew a total of four United Express segments (2x Commutair, 1x Republic and 1x Mesa). I just noticed that on my account activity, the Mesa, and Commutair flights posted as "UA Express ####", but the Republic segment posted as "Republic Air ####".

    Is there any reason in particular why Republic segments aren't treated as United Express? Is this just part of Republic still ramping up with their Q400 operation and it's treated as a codeshare? In the grand scheme of things it's not really important, it just looked out of place. Has anyone else seen this?
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    I've not noticed it, but I can say that I'm on UA/OO (Skywest) segments quite frequently ex- or to YQR and they are listed as United Express. Ditto a single DEN-YYZ segment I flew on Halloween on UAX/GoJet.

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