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    Every year I receive a companion certificate because of the Chase MP visa card.The cert says that it offers me two round trip tickets for one low fare starting at $254. They are always valid for one year. Does anyone ever use them? The fares seem hight to me as they increase as you go into higher zone's. Does it make sense to use them in some instances?
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    I'm a Chase MP Visa card holder and ice never even hear of this.... How long have you been a holder and how long have you been receiving this incentive?
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    Have gotten the certificates for several years now but never been able to use them. Must have "T" inventory available for 2 at booking and even if there is, you've got to call in and convert the paper certificate to an electronic one. The awards can't be booked online, you have to call in and there's borderline exorbitant "fees" associated w/ the tickets and a phone fee per ticket.

    Now that I'm dirt on UA, I get general member agents who often don't know about T inventory (look for these flights first on .bomb, specifying t intentory, then feed these flights to the agent)

    Had looked at MSY-AUS, supposedly 2 RT for $254, but it was approaching $400 when the phony fees were added in.

    The certificates may save cents but don't make sense, at least that's been my experience.

    The US Air companion certificates (up to 2 at $99 each) have been usable at times.

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