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    Searched around and couldn't find anything definitive on this. I will be traveling on an award ticket on USAir from Den to PHL and then on to Rome. In "First" on USAir from Den to PHL, then USAir Envoy from PHL to Rome. Would I have access to the United Lounge in DEN. From what I read on the Star Alliance site, access my be restricted to "revenue tickets". Any experience with this?
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    I'd be disappointed if you didn't have access, though I cannot say definitively from experience on Star that you will.

    Functionally, I've never had lounge access differentiation based on being on an award ticket, but most, if not all, of my award travel is on the other two alliances. There, I've had no problem.

    Star is a bit more restrictive in a few situations regarding lounge access.
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    Lounge access policy for *A:

    Regarding revenue tickets:

    It's (un-)fortunately a bit misleading. Their definition of Revenue Ticket/Customer, from the bottom of that page:

    Revenue ticket/customer: All customers excluding airline staff. Customers travelling on discounted fares, frequent flyer award tickets or upgrades are considered revenue customers and are included as revenue customers. Airline employees flying on free or service charge tickets, or Industry Discount (e.g., ID50. ID75, ID90) tickets are not considered revenue customers

    Unfortunately, you are not departing from DEN in international business class, which seems to be one the conditions. From the same page:

    International Business Class Customers: Customers have access to any Star Alliance member carriers' owned Business Class lounges.
    • Customer must present a boarding pass for travel in International Business Class on a Star Alliance flight
    • Customer must be departing from the local airport in International Business Class

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