Typical awful BA outstation checkin experience @ PRG (Menzies)

Discussion in 'British Airways | Executive Club' started by redtailshark, Jun 21, 2016.

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    Just to warm up, we begin with a much longer wait in 1W elite line than regular checkin. Next, I experience a denial of 1W S status ("perhaps your status has expired") in spite of AA.COM showing PLT and last week's BP's including one from BA showing PLT/1W Sapph status. "Our system doesn't show it....nothing I can do, talk to BA @ LHR" - that doesn't help me. I can't use lounge access here if it doesn't show 1W S.

    What does really puzzle me...the Dilbertian BP from last week - issued by BA @ LHR - clearly showed 1W S. This one - same AA number, same system, after all it's a BA BP - does not. WTF?

    This is so negative, what's the point of having published One World tier benefits? The experience here is just as offhand and unhelpful as BA's checkin at OSL, which is notorious.

    Good thing I don't pay 1W for lots of J fares or I'd be really mad. What a waste of money that would be! I thought there had been some mild improvements in general BA ops but here BA reverts to classic Dilbertian type, denying tier benefits and throwing the problem back at the customer instead of actually trying to locate/fix/handle it.

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