Two of the AA Live Chat Questions Were Comparisons with SkyMiles

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    Earlier this evening I "listened" to the MP inaugural live chat and tonight's guest was the President of AA's FF program. The complete transcript has already been posted and several threads discuss the event.

    DL FFs might be interested to know that two of the selected questions (maybe a dozen picked from several hundred submissions) were basically why AA doesn't match aspects of DL's program. No other airline (except for foreign OneWorld partners of AA such as BA and IB plus implicitly CX, QF, and JAL) was mentioned or alluded to during the conversation. My summary of these exchanges follows, including my own comments.

    Miles don't expire: Why doesn't AA follow DL and end the expiration of redeemable miles? (Apparently some very old miles may be grandfathered in, even to old award charts.) DL made the change because this was the most common complaint about their FF program. We at AA don't receive many complaints on this issue, people can do something easy every 18 months to keep their miles alive, so we decided that it wasn't high priority to make this change/invest money in this aspect of our FF program. I find it surprising that DL people complain about expiring miles (not at the top of my list) and given that, that AA customers do not. This makes me wonder what other systematic differences there are between the groups and why: do the different network strengths and weaknesses result in different demographics or is this because of differences in the FF programs?

    Rollover: Why doesn't AA copy DL and introduce rollover? (I noticed that at least one posted question for AA regarding rollover inaccurately summarized DL's rules.) AA's answer was that the people who need rollover to make status love it while those who don't need rollover hate it as it inflates elite ranks. I thought this was too glib. Many FF program changes are zero sum, taking benefits from "losers" to give to "winners" in a revenue neutral way, so there's disagreement about most rules. A live audience member pointed out that one can purchase status. The response was that this is far more restrictive and can be done only once to maintain status.
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    As if their previous DEQM campaigns don't inflates elite ranks? I dislike them for inflating OW elite ranks :rolleyes:

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