Tunis hotel recommendations + an overnight trip outside Tunis

Discussion in 'Africa' started by xakl, Jan 12, 2012.

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    Now I know that what looks like a smashing Tunisian DO is being organised for the month of May... but unfortunately I have already booked separate travel to Tunis in April, over the Easter holidays, and so will be doing Tunis on my own. Cue the questions...

    1) I'm currently holding as a backup a cancellable reservation at the Sheraton Tunis, but understand it's a bit out of the way. Any recommendations for something to a similar standard to the Sheraton nearer the sights? It doesn't have to be a brand.

    2) Also, we are in Tunis for five nights and am thinking about doing a one night trip somewhere else in Tunisia. The Tunisian DO page has given me some ideas about interesting places to go, but would be interested in people's thoughts and suggestions.

    Unfortunately you may be able to tell that planning (beyond paying for flights) is very much at an embryonic stage at the moment, but any ideas, no matter how vague that people are happy to chuck out will be gratefully received.


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