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    We stayed at this beautiful Tucker's Point Resort for a few days. Since it was a short trip, we didn't really expect that much Wow factor.

    As we took the cab and driving to the resort, the anticipation builds up. The drive was reasonable and the property is HUGE, with a golf course, private beach, club, a few restaurants, and estate/ time share as well.

    We got the room for cheaper from Skyauction otherwise it would be $600 a night.

    I really liked the private beach, the sand is PINK and it is so clean! There were staffs servicing the guest on the beach, the food was SO DELICIOUS. A dream vacation was only 2 hours flight away from JKF.

    Here are some pictures and it says it all!
    DSC05430.JPG DSC05431.JPG DSC05437.JPG DSC05534.JPG DSC05585.JPG SDIM1924.JPG SDIM1927.JPG

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    Wow. Glad you liked it. I've really been intrigued by this property.

    I stayed on site when it was the Marriott Castle Harbour (15+ years ago), and the hotel, and its staff, were both quite tired. The location itself always struck me as one that something better could be done with...and if your review is any indication (which I'm sure it is), someone has.

    I think when this property was originally re-done, plans were to make it an uber-luxe private-only club...but perhaps the '01-'03 downturn changed those plans? In any event, it seems like the open-to-the-public hotel will remain.

    How was the weather in March?

    What was your room category?
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