Trying out (or not) Delta’s bidding system for volunteering bumps

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    On Tues I encountered the question first time at the check-in kiosk. I put in $350 for the fun of it as 4 is a number we don’t like in the family. Spent sometime in the lounge but got to the gate in time before the GA processed the bumps. She was busy getting things printed out for the pilots while I was the first one in line to talk to her with the intention to remind her that I am here and I am willing.

    Then out of the blue she started to announce that volunteers are needed for $400, and a guy jumped in front of me and took it. A 2nd guy ran over as well and the GA told him to sit tight and she may need another one.

    Well, I guess I didn’t want it bad enough… which is the truth as the next flight will only get me there barely before midnight. When I boarded, I asked her about the bidding system and she was like, oh did you want it, I’m so sorry. I told her not to worry about it.

    But I am curious, maybe Delta is only collecting data points but not passing the info for GA to see? Is it possible?

    Today I am flying back and this time I got the question at online check in and I put in $380. I’ll be curious about how it’s going to pan out and will report it back.

    A side question: Should Delta be required to disclose on the bidding screen that the governing rate should be $400? Flying attorneys want to give a crack at it?
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    Seems strange, why go to the bother of asking you to bid and then not use the bid list at the gate. If I were you I would send a complaint via You never know, you might get some extra SkyMiles out if it.

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