Tripadvisor hates the Ritz Carlton

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    I don't trust TripAdvisor reviews that much... I'd rather rely on reviews written on forums and blogs.
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    "Hate" is too strong. 58 of the 75 reviews rank it in the top two categories, and the only overall ranking which isn't 4 or better is "value." This suggests to me that there are guests "stretching" to stay here and expect things a bit too perfect. People commenting that their rooms were small a) might not have much experience in Japan or b) should consider reserving a room category above the lead-in level.

    I agree with Jimmy that Tripadvisor should be taken with a grain of salt. It is worth reviewing, but if you look at the comments, quite a few of the negative ones come down to some language issues and a few cultural nuances.

    The use of faxes is still quite common in Japan...likely the highest per capita use anywhere in the world....though one poster became seemingly irate about the request to send in a fax (which would be commonly accepted in Japan).

    One or two reviews talked of challenges with smoking rooms and luggage mix ups. If the person with the purported allergies really had it as bad as they said (warranting leaving the hotel), I hope they also walked out of essentially every restaurant they visited....where smoking is the norm. Room mix ups shouldn't happen, but do from time to time.

    Overall, from reading the reviews, I'd have no hesitations staying there. Expect a few translation issues.
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