TripAdvisor adds flight search to SeatGuru

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Travel' started by viguera, Jan 23, 2013.

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    In case you haven't looked in a bit, SeatGuru has undergone a nice refresh with flight search info from TripAdvisor (their parent company).

    Although I'm sure it won't replace everyone's favorite, they do add some interesting features to combine everything on one site... they have a "baggage fee calculator" that accounts for those fees into the trip (assuming you have to pay for that type of stuff :) ). They've also included a "Guru Factor" similar to what hipmunk does with its "agony" rating and displays ammenities all in one page, so you know at a glance if the flight includes IFE, Internet, etc.

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    Not bad to have a few extra options on selection flights!
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