Trip report: EK313 Tokyo Haneda to Dubai in economy

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    Hello everyone

    Had my first flight on Emirates today (going to a conference), so thought I'd post a quick trip report. For me Emirates was interesting mainly as a hub, as I thought it would be a good place to break up a journey to Europe. However, as I discovered that it takes almost 12 hours to fly from Tokyo to Dubai (the same time as it would take to fly straight to London!), this option is not as attractive as I first thought.

    Of course, Emirates is not a member of any of the three big airline alliances, so for the first time in many years I did not have access to premium check-in, lounge, or priority boarding. It was actually fine ;)

    Check-in at Haneda was smooth with barely anyone in the 'checked in online' queue.

    I waited until the end of boarding as I had an aisle emergency exit seat, so no rush. The emergency exit seats (row 26) have incredible legroom but are a little narrower than standard seats. Luckily the flight wasn't full, so the large guy sitting next to me was able to move down one.

    Emirates economy seat.JPG

    Exit row seat

    Legroom in exit seat.JPG

    Awesome legroom

    Service was fine. The CAs did a great job of keeping us hydrated, coming through every 30 minutes or so with water and juice.

    Food was okay, good for economy. I had the Japanese beef stir-fry which was tasty and the western breakfast. Got some nuts and biscuits between meal services too (had to go and ask).

    Emirates economy menu.JPG

    Economy menu

    Landing in Dubai was super-smooth. Got through the e-gates after waiting about ten minutes(not a queue, they were just taking a long time to process people), then picked up luggage and went to the very convenient metro.

    Burj Khalifa.JPG

    My incredible Burj Khalifa photo

    I would consider flying Emirates again, but I would need a good reason to choose them over JAL or ANA, or one of their alliance partners, for that matter.
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    New Line, New Dot, More data to work with, Terminal info is always good to have.
    As for the travel time HND/LON is usually a polar or at least smaller arc than the direct line to Dubai.
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