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    Anybody have any luck getting a refund from Travelocity?
    I booked a ticket Tuesday for my mother in law, and Wednesday I see it's $45, so I called travelocity and the agent was very nice and booked a new ticket, then cancelled the first one and got me the lower price.
    This morning I see the price is again lower $75 this time, so back on the phone, the agent tells me to file a best price guarantee, that way I will get the $75 plus and extra $50 in credit. The agent even tells me exactly how to do it, where to click and read me the itinerary # as I fill out the form, and then add the screen shot. So I'm thinking, wow that was nice of her and was really easy too. So I sit back and wait, and about 12 hours later I get the rejection letter, claiming I don't meet the requirements for the guarantee.

    "We checked the flight details on your attached screenshot and determined that the information provided does not match your Travelocity booking. Your screenshot shows a set of airline booking codes that are not the same with your Travelocity booking.

    To clarify the matter, the airline booking codes on your screenshot are Economy/Coach (V) and (S). Meanwhile, the airline booking codes on your Travelocity itinerary are Economy/Coach (W) and (G). Due to this, we are unable to process this Travelocity promotion towards your reservation. "

    And of course now I'm outside of the 24 hours window for cancellation. So why would the average person care what booking code is used if they only want to get from point A to B and its the same flight, same time, same day.
    So was the agent being lazy, by not re booking me, or really thought she was helping?
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    Likely the latter, but you also didn't read the fine print in advance to know that you should have rebooked rather than LFG'd it.
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    Yes, Travelocity & Expedia have those loopholes, so their guarantees are not worth much.
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