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Discussion in 'General Discussion | Travel' started by muro, Jun 17, 2015.

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    I'm traveling to Thailand for 3 months and I want to bring creatine monohydrate(fitness supplement, white powder) with me. It will be sealed in original container, 300 grams. I'm planning to put in my checked luggage ...

    I'm afraid that I will have problems with that. You know x-ray scanning, officer, questions ...
    Are there some airport/airline rules for this kind of stuff?
    Should I tell them about that, 'declare' it somehow?

    Creatine is legal in Thailand, but much more expensive, plus I stay in small town, no fitness shop there.

    Thank you
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    You're right -- transporting white powder can make your trip a nightmare. Also, "legal" to use in Thailand should not be taken to mean that it's also legal to transport or import w/o a license. If you declare it, the customs will likely confiscate it. It's probably best to give up that supplement during the trip, and go with a natural diet.
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    I agree with MX that Customs would likely confiscate it unless you can demonstrate on the spot that it's legal (in which case you'd at least have to pay a duty on it and possibly be asked to produce a license to import), it's probably to do without, or simply don't declare.

    Over the last 16+ years I've passed through Thai Customs 3-4 dozen times and have never once been questioned by Customs official, or been asked to have my bag x-rayed, and this includes two entries since the Army took power 13 months ago. I also brought in protein powder in 2013. I have never seen a sorrier excuse for a Customs service in my life. If I were in your shoes, I'd not worry about it and just pack it in my checked luggage.
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    Creatine has been pretty-well discredited as a performance enhancing substance. Why take a chance?

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