Traveller Says TSA Told Him, "GO TO HELLLLLLL"

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    Want to file a complaint against the TSA? No problemo, just fill out this simple form with the handwritten instructions to "GO TO HELLLLLL" (and be sure to eat sh*t and die)! Manhattan-based graphic designer Ross Berenson, 26, arrived at JFK on a JetBlue flight from LA yesterday to find that his luggage had been tampered with. And when he went to ask the TSA what happened, he says they gave him a form essentially urging him to cast himself off into eternal hellfire.

    Berenson says he knew something was a tad askew when he noticed his bag was missing his "TSA-certified" bright green lock. "That's like my tag to know which bag is mine," he tells us. "I have flown with this lock for years and never had an issue. I then examine my bag and I noticed that the loops on my zippers were cut. I was pretty annoyed then." JetBlue referred Berenson to the appropriate TSA reps. "I'm a pretty calm person," he elaborates. "It's not the end of the world, it's just luggage."

    He insists his exchange with the TSA workers was perfectly civil. "Nobody could give me any answers about what happened in LA, but they very politely told me if I wanted to file a complaint I could fill out this form," says Berenson. "Everyone was very helpful and nice. I didn't realize the form said 'Go to hell' until I got on the subway. I'm pretty laid back, but seeing an official form like this say 'Go to hell' is pretty shocking." A TSA spokesperson tells us they're looking into the incident.

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    The title is wrong, I believe it's "GO TO HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL"


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