Traveling with tots

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    Okay let’s set aside for the moment that the best way to travel with a tot is via car. I know people abhor the notion of a toddler at 30k ft, but it needs to happen (unless they build a highway from LAX to NRT).

    I’ve asked my parental type friends, now it’s time to poll the pros. Assuming the child is 2yo…

    a) Do you opt for the direct flight or take the connection?
    b) Do you opt for the red-eye or stick to day flights?
    c) …and finally what’s in your bag of tricks for soothing and entertaining a wee one?
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    As one who flew with tots over 10 years ago, and now a days with a new one :

    1) Always direct !
    2) Day going there, as no matter what, it's a "new" experience and they are gonna be up :) but red-eye back as they are so tired from the trip anyway.....
    3) ANYTHING that makes them not stuff, iPads, DVD's, coloring books, food/snacks, Grandpa and Grandma (if available of course), puzzles, and of course there favorite toys...and when they are bored with all that, and they will be, then you break out the new toys!
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    Our toddler is just ~16 months old at the moment, but has taken many intra-US flights, starting at 7 weeks old. (We have left her behind with both sets of grandparents whilst visiting the UK and Thailand for a bit of Mommy and Daddy time, so I can't speak to the long haul trips). We've done both direct and connecting flights (used to live at a hub, now at a spoke) and on these trips, the connection is actually a good thing since we get to change the scenery for her a bit.

    As for soothing her, I find the most common source of her discomforts is needing to eat, so we usually try to pack a few Clif bars and/or some other easy to manage foods for her. Also, I can usually hit a store in the terminal to get some milk/juice/water for her to have on hand.

    For entertainment, we've usually got a couple favorite toys in the bag as well as grabbing a new (or used one that she's forgotten about) one to change things up for her. We do try to time the trips to coincide with nap time if at all possible, just to make it easier on her/us/other passengers.

    Having multiple options seems to be the key.

    She's still got a fairly limited attention span so we just keep trying new things to keep her interested....then pray like hell that it's nap time soon. ;)
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    My best hint is to go to the dollar store and getting a ton of crap. Wrap it up in wrapping paper. The excitement of getting presents and then having new tings to play with will keep the tot occupied on and off for a while.

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