Traveling with Suits?

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    Can anyone advise how you travel with suits on a long distance trip.

    I don't have one of those fancy suit bags, my plan was to take two suits on board in those store bags with the hanger popping out from the top. Would having them require me to check my roll-aboard? Or would they be considered a personal item?

    I know flying to and around Europe with a bulky jacket I was easily able to put it over my roll-aboard carry-on and board the planes, but with the suits, especially in their bags they resemble luggage more than something you can easily put on.

    What are your experiences?
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    It can be hassle bringing your suits and stuffing them in the luggage believe me that's the only way I do it. I don't like carrying too much so I simply fold the suits neatly then once I get to my hotel steam press it again, or the hotel can do it for you.
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    Get one of them fancy suit bags. Or a suitcase with a garment bag, and have the hotel press them when you arrive.

    I've seen people almost get kicked off a flight for trying to hang a suit in the premium cabin closet (saying "I do it all the time" doesn't help) and people being forced to stuff it in the overhead, regardless of whether there's space, and not being allowed to carry it on their lap.

    If you want to avoid problems and you're not flying in an airplane with a closet (or a cabin with a closet) you might as well pack it and deal with it on the other side.
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    I know exactly how you feel. I don't like to spend any more than I have to, either. I've got an excellent adventure travel pack that I spent $300 on, and a nice overnight duffel that cost me $100. I thought about getting a nice leather garment bag, but the Kenneth Cole one I wanted was $200.

    Not far from my house is a Burlington Coat Factory store. They're all over the place here in the U.S., and you can find some surprisingly good merchandise if you don't mind looking. They do carry luggage, and the prices are really very cheap. I picked up a decent garment bag for about $35, equivalent to what I was seeing for over twice as much on the Internet. It's done me well for two years now. Another good place to look for luggage is Staples and Office Depot.

    I've had to go "bare suits on hangers" when my wife borrowed my garment bag without telling me. Trust me, it's worth $40 or so for the protection, and you'd be amazed at all the stuff you can fit into them. -DA1
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    I'm with @viguera on this. In travel, there are certain things that you don't want to cheap out on. IMHV, that most definitely includes a good solid suit bag for long-haul travel. I've travelled around the world where I was expected to professionally dress (jacket and tie) the next day(s) to meet with other professionals. When this is the case, you want to come across looking sharp, as your peers in the host nation will certainly be dressed well, and judge you according to your dress (sorry, but that's the way things are).

    I picked up a Hartmann 3-suit bag many years ago. When I unpack my clothes, they are almost always ready-to-wear. If not, a quick steaming in the hotel shower bathroom or a touchup with an iron gets out the wrinkles. My suit bag has even been destroyed by the airlines while on a TATL, but replaced with an exact match by UA, but that's another story.

    A decent suitcase with a garment bag is a good substitute, if you don't need to bring along too many changes of formal dress wear. Yes, the "old days" of the "Friendly Skies" flight attendants hanging up your suit bags as you enter the airplane have gone the way of the dodo bird. If you plan accordingly, you won't be disappointed and will look sharp on the other end of a long-haul flight.

    Finally, I'm unsure if this is any use to you, but we've found some great suit bags at neighborhood yard sales, and for a dollar or two. It seems that many folks in the US no longer feel the need to have a suit bag!

    Good luck! ;)

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