Traveling with a 5 month old

Discussion in 'Community Center' started by traveltsar, Oct 30, 2012.

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    Can anyone share some advice on how to travel with a 5 month old baby? My wife and daughter are flying from PHL to MIA and I can't make our daughter's first flight. What can we do in advance so they make this trip as comfortable and problem free as possible?

    As always, thanks in advance!
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    There's a very similar thread going on regarding a 5 month old, so look around and you'll find a lot of recommendations.

    Check out the mommypoints posts and blog as well, since she has hands-on experience. :)

    The general consensus is just be prepared. In my personal experience if you plan your flights around nap-time and have plenty of liquids for take-off landings, you should be good. The only real "challenge" for us when we traveled with our son was diaper changes because of the size of the lavs, but overall it shouldn't be too stressful on either the baby or yourself.
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    Miles and Smiles, you read my mind. :) Lots of folks prepping for first flights as the holidays approach!

    Hopefully the linked post will help, but in a nutshell some things that will help are: book a nonstop, have someone help with airport drop-off/pick-up, use curbside checking of luggage, consider wearing a baby of that age through the airport (see my avatar), try to secure lounge access before the flight so your wife can have a nicer/quieter place with the baby, only carry-on what you need for the flight, have things planned for the baby to play with, make sure she is nursing/drinking on take off and landing, book a seat with extra legroom if possible, book a seat close to the front of the plane, and strongly consider booking a seat for the baby.

    Let me know if you have other questions and I'll be happy to try and help. It is hard traveling alone with a baby, but it kind of makes you feel like a superhero after the trip is over. ;)
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    Secretly slip some handwritten notes of support and chocolates/candies in your wife's diaper bag.

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