Travelers With Disabilities Get Help With New Inventions

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    Getting in the air and to a destination has its challenges for even the well traveled. We hope weather will cooperate and flights will be on time. On the plane we might hope for ample overhead bin space and a neighbor who is either chatty or not, depending on our mood. Thoughts like "will I be able to find the lavatory?" probably never cross our minds ... unless we are a challenged traveler, impaired in some way.

    When we think of travelers with disabilities, thoughts often end after they board the aircraft first, along with upper-class passengers, those who carry the airline's credit card, those with small children, the elderly and military members in uniform. But to blind or visually impaired travelers, simply getting to the lavatory can be difficult.

    BrailleWise is changing all that, giving visually impaired people greater independence and comfort when using the lavatory on airplanes.
    A product of the School of Design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the new BrailleWise aircraft lavatory brings an organized system for reading Braille and other tactile information. Using BrailleWise, visually impaired air travelers can quickly find and use lavatories on planes.

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