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  1. As an aspiring entrepreneur in the travel industry I am looking at ways to market myself and would like your feedback on the following:
    How do you perceive 'value' when associated to group travel?
    - Is it value for the dollar spent
    - Is 'value' defined by super saver deal, hot deals, fire sales, etc
    - Is 'value' the quality and experience you will gain from the trip
    - Is 'value' a budget trip
    - Your thoughts are appreciated as I am learning everyone's perception of value is different
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    The Value proposition is so personal that I do not think you can make any broad generalizations. I have two friend who own local travel agencies in my home town. They are friends and competitors but their customer base is very different.

    One agency caters to the "cheap cruise" or budget travel customer and makes money on volume. The customer is most concerned about actual dollars out of pocket. My wife went on one of these cruises with some friends and said the atmosphere was like being in a "redneck bar" for 4 days. We will not take that trip as a family.

    The other agency caters to the traveler who has lots of money and little time or patience to plan a trip. His customers will call and book a ski vacation to Deer Valley. They want equipment shipped, the condo stocked with groceries, and a first class ticket. They never ask about price. Their value is in having someone take care of all the details. I took the family on a trip to Deer Valley. Expensive but the experience was worth every dollar spent.

    I think you have to look at the niche you want to serve and pursue those specific customers. I don't think you can be all things to all travelers.
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