Travel Tips: How Women Travellers can get the best In-Flight Food

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    Fully loaded carbohydrate meals on-board are not suitable to the ever increasing number of women travellers as 76 per cent feel that airlines are not doing enough to cater to their needs., the business travel network for professional women, and, a site dedicated to highlighting pre-order and buy-on-board airline meals, ran an independent survey amongst professional women around the world to find out what women really want from airline meals.

    Let's face it, airline meals seem to always get a bad rap and everyone who has ever travelled on an aircraft will have an airline horror meal story. However, what if you're a female traveller? Is the inflight meal experience different for women who travel regularly for business? According to these survey results, apparently so.

    Over 100 women (who travel regularly for business or pleasure) were surveyed in relation to their in-flight eating habits, special meal requirements, purchasing habits and their favourite airline meals.

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