Travel 'Perks' That Aren't Always as Good as They Sound

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    Have you ever paid for a travel perk that left you wishing you had kept your wallet shut? Some products and services that are marketed as fabulous benefits for travelers are, in reality, big fat failures. It's often best to ignore the hype--or at least investigate the truth behind for-fee (or even free) perks before you book. Here are seven disappointing travel perks that I've encountered.

    Business Class on Some Planes
    Business class doesn't always amount to lie-flat seats, free Champagne, and smoked salmon. Long-haul flights on major U.S. and international carriers will, for the most part, offer the business-class product of your dreams. But on short-haul or regional flights, business class often isn't that much better than economy. According to consumer advocate Ed Perkins, "On many short-haul 737 and A320 flights in Europe and Asia, 'business class' is regular economy with the middle seat blocked." Perkins also points out Icelandair's disappointing business-class section: The carrier's Saga Class provides a little more legroom than is available in economy—with 40-inch seat pitch—but it's on a completely different plane compared to business products like US Airways' Envoy on A330s, with angled flat beds tucked into cozy little enclaves.
    The moral of this story: If you're going to splurge on business class, pay attention to what's offered on the plane and airline of your choice. It might not be worth the cost.

    Free Breakfast
    Since "free breakfast" can signify anything from a cup of yogurt to a make-your-own-waffle station with fresh-fruit toppings, those two magical words aren't always as good as they sound. First, not all hotels serve real eggs. Many free breakfast buffets—especially at budget properties—feature the yellow powered egg product that was originally intended for use ensuing a zombie apocalypse. Start your day right with an emergency-preparedness meal! And in Europe, a free continental breakfast is often just some cereal and pastries, which won't satisfy the hunger of those on gluten-free or dairy-free diets.

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    Have to agree with that first point. Finnair's Business Class from HEL to LHR was a joke. Center seat blocked, little or no extra legroom. I should have done my research before shelling out the extra miles for that redemption.
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