Travel destination with new baby?

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Travel' started by AJTrenkle, Aug 19, 2012.

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    Would like to take my wife somewhere over Christmas, our daughter will be 6 months old then. Any ideas on a location that would be fun and relaxing for everyone? Just looking for something most feasible and intelligent. Or maybe we should just hold off? :)
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    Why hold off?! My kids started flying before 2 mths old & now are fairly seasoned world travelers (now 19 & 21), & have grown up extremely independent for their ages!;) I don't have any suggestions as to destination,-- not knowing where you are and how 'prepared' you, your wife & child are for the whole travel adventure (time, energy, gear, etc.) & whether your child is quite adaptable to new situations, etc.

    We started out by taking driving vacations to quiet bed & breakfast type places in more rural areas - a couple hours by car. Clearly, it wouldn't be relaxing if one gets stressed just thinking about the preparations!:eek: I've always believed that one's children will only 'learn' - by experience!:)
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    We have three kids (all grown now ) and we started them traveling almost the minute they were born. I don't know where you are located, but I have always found almost anywhere in the caribbean to be relaxing and fun. The reality is your six month old will be the same no matter where you are and she unfortunately will not remeber a trip taken at her young age, but having her with should not be any problem and certainly should not be a hinderance to your enjoyment.
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    Good advice on the thread so far... the only thing that I would add is that it seems this is your first trip with an infant, and if that's the case there are several threads that offer some really good suggestions about that sort of situation.

    As far as your trip goes, as mentioned it would be hard to make any recommendations without additional details, but obviously the basic stuff applies -- find a resort that offers a pack-and-play, and while I generally consider picking up a car seat when I rent a car that might not be an option for you (unless you're doing infant-in-arms during the flight).
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