Transiting in Mexico City to Lima

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    Hello all,

    Maybe i'm using the wrong search terms but I'm not finding the right answer. I'll be going from JFK to Lima via Mexico City this spring (Delta for the JFK-MEX portion connecting to Aeromexico from MEX-LIM).

    If anybody has done this route can you please tell me what to expect? I'm getting conflicting info on the transit/immigration process. I've read everything from I'll have to go through immigration, collect bags and go through customs and recheck my bags in Mex before my connecting international flight, along with the opposite which is my bags will be checked all the way to Lima and I will just have to go through immigration as a transit passenger. Which one is correct? Thanks.
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    Transited MEX on numerous occasions, connecting on AM. But always with a few hours to spare- so, exit the airport and live MEX.

    Exit T2. If you're feeling bold, walk down the road to Hangares (slightly nearer than Terminal Aerea stop from here - or wait for the bus outside the terminal exit that will take you to the entrance to Hangares).

    Take the Metro - costs almost nothing and runs on rubber tires, fast and quiet with no screeching brakes - to Hidalgo, emerge, walk SW along Reforma, see Angel, eat at the taqueria, drink a shot or two, back on Metro and walk briskly back to checkin.

    No time and in J, or ST E+? Then use the AM lounge.
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