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    I fly almost exclusively on United, but I have a Delta SkyPoints balance of 22,300. It's virtually useless to me, since they don't offer half-mile one-way trips and even if I managed to bump it up to 25,000, tickets at that level look all but unavailable.

    I'm thinking of using to transfer those miles to Continental and paying the $250 fee (United doesn't participate in mile transfers). Then I could consolidate those miles into my United account, where they'll actually do me some good.

    Has anyone done a mile transfer on

    And do you know if those miles, once they're in my United account would be elite qualifying? They would be more than enough to push me into Premiere Executive, so the fee would especially be worth it in that case. (I realize that's a long shot, but a girl can dream.)

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    Definitely not elite qualifying and very expensive. You unfortunately just missed a 100% transfer bonus on Delta that you could've used to make these miles worth more, but I'd hold on to them in case something comes along again.
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    I would not use to consolidate miles this way. Too expensive. Hang around here a little while and with assorted bonuses/promos for car rentals, hotels, Bose video, ... you can probably get to 25k miles pretty quickly. And then keep looking for awards for yourself or someone else. Delta miles don't expire, so there's no urgency. And if I had no intention to ever use the Delta miles for myself, I'd look into "trading" them somewhere (other than for something more useful ... Maybe you have friends or family somewhere you are Delta flyers?
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    75 is useless for that purpose. you should just wait until the next delta transfer bonus and get the remaining 2700 points for $57 or get 27700 extra points for $307. I'm sure you'd find a good use for them at that level.
    or just spend them at delta marketplace for some merchandise.

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